Tom Pietrasik is a photographer and filmmaker based in New York City.
Tom began his career photographing for British newspapers in the late-1990s. After two years working as a staff photographer for the Sunday Herald in Glasgow, Tom relocated to New Delhi, India where he was based from 2001 to 2011.
Assigned by media outlets like the Guardian and The New York Times, Tom spent ten years covering issues across south Asia including caste discrimination, hunger and tiger conservation.
Tom has photographed literary figures like Arundhati Roy and William Dalrymple, Politicians like Mary Robinson and Helen Clark, activists including Desmond Tutu and Naomi Wolf, sporting-stars like cricketer Imran Khan and celebrities including Dita von Teese.
From his current base in New York City, Tom has documented the Fight for $15 campaign in Boston, conservative environmentalists promoting renewable-energy in Florida and ornithologists working to understand the demise of Iceland’s puffin population. He has also photographed and produced videos for corporate clients like Standard Chartered and Gartner Inc.
Tom continues to travel to south Asia as well as other regions including China and east Africa for video and photography assignments, working for a variety of clients including international NGOs like Oxfam and Save the Children and UN agencies such as UNICEF and WHO.
Tom’s photographs have appeared in galleries and museums including London’s National Portrait Gallery and the Ruhr Museum in Essen as well as Amsterdam’s Photoville festival. Tom’s short videos have been officially selected for exhibition at the London Short Film Festival, the Atlanta Film Festival and the Florida Film Festival. Tom’s short film on Indian barber’s shops, Saloon was shortlisted for the 2011 Virgin Media Shorts Competition.
Tom is constantly looking to stretch his abilities in photography and film and is keen to hear from those with ideas for collaboration. He can be reached at tom(at)tompietrasik(dot)com