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THE FUTURE OF WORK | The Rockefeller Foundation

What is the future of work in the United States? Over the past 40 years, successive federal and state governments have undermined workers’ rights across the US Midwest and it has been left to unions, to local government and to individuals themselves to pick up the pieces. I traveled to South Bend, Indiana for the Rockefeller Foundation to meet those navigating the often perilous pursuit of a career that might bring economic security to their lives. I produced, filmed, scripted and edited.

OUR NEW HOME | Justworks

When COVID-19 restrictions eased and Justworks employees headed to their new workplace for the first time, I asked six of them to record their experience and provided them guidance and advice on how best to record their experiences. Combining their documentation with hyper-lapse and time-lapse that I filmed, I built an edit that captures the anticipation and  experience of that first day in the office following the relative isolation imposed by COVID. I produced, scripted and edited.

THE FIGHT FOR $15 | The Guardian

My short video profiles two  low-wage workers from Boston and their Fight For $15. Filmed and edited in 2015 for The Guardian here. I produced, filmed, scripted and edited.


The Memorial Day cook-out hosted by my neighbours, food journalist Matt Gross and sommelier, Jeff Porter is an annual celebration of food and friendship. Each year the smoked pig gets bigger, the guest-list swells and for the two cooks, the pressure to satisfy appetites grows ever-more intense.I produced, filmed, scripted and edited.


I produced and edited this video about legislation to protect parental leave. I wrote the script with input from HR consultants and lawyers. I sourced photo assets from archives and libraries and managed the work of motion graphic designers, providing them feedback, with particular attention to pacing, to ensure we effectively illustrated a detail-heavy script to keep viewers not just informed but engaged too.


Working with communications agency Burness, I edited this fundraising video for Marie Stopes International (MSI). Together, we devised a concept and wrote a script. I built the edit using footage sourced from MSI’s archive and an original soundtrack. MSI provides vital reproductive-rights services to women across the globe. 


A glimpse inside the world of the Indian barbershop where customers expect more than a just haircut. Saloon was part of the official selection for the London Short Film Festival 2012, the Atlanta Film Festival 2012 and the Florida Film Festival 2012. Saloon was also shortlisted for the 2011 Virgin Media Shorts Competition. I produced, filmed and edited.


Trasgender candidate Bharathi Kannamma who ran in the 2014 Indian election asks the electorate to “think differently” when choosing who to vote for. Filmed in Madurai, India 2014. Think Differently was featured as part of The Guardian’s 2014 Indian election coverage. I produced, filmed, scripted and edited.


Locals and tourists flock to Katz’s deli for one of their famous sandwiches. I produced, filmed and edited this short video on a New York City institution.


This story about life with diabetes, focusses on Manuel Murillo who lives in Chicago, hundreds of miles from his family in Mexico. I filmed and edited this video in 2017 for Univision, to examine the burden diabetes places many American Hispanic lives. John Hubbell of the California Story Company produced.


Debbie Dooley is co-founder of the Tea Party. She argues that promoting solar energy is entirely consistent with conservatism. But taking that message to Florida presents a challenge to the power of the fossil fuel industry who are determined to silence her. This film was published in 2015 by the Guardian here. I produced, filmed, scripted and edited.