Defining the future of education

I directed, filmed and edited this profile of Justworks customer, Ankur Nagpal and his company, Teachable. 

Becoming an Engineer at Justworks

What happens when you feel trapped in a job that isn’t for you? I directed and edited this video about two people both stuck in a career-rut who found greater meaning when they trained as software engineers. The subjects of this video filmed themselves. I directed and edited.

Justworks: Run Your Business With Confidence

A video profiling the Justworks product and service that I directed, filmed and edited.

What Employers Should Know about FMLA

I produced, sourced archive material and edited this video. I also worked with motion graphic designers on how to effectively illustrate a detail-heavy script so that we might keep viewers not just informed but also engaged.

Our new home

When COVID-19 restrictions eased and Justworks employees headed to their new workplace for the first time, I asked six of them to record their experience and provided them guidance and advice on how best to record their experiences. Combining their documentation with hyper-lapse and time-lapse that I filmed, I built an edit that captures the anticipation and  experience of that first day in the office following the relative isolation imposed by COVID.

Meet the Team Improving COVID-19 Testing

How do you tell a video story when COVID-19 means you can’t get out and film? Thankfully phone cameras have the potential to shoot beautiful video and if someone has a story, they very often have the means to tell it sitting in their pocket. Audere uses computer vision technology to interpret COVID-19 test results. This small non-profit, headed by Philip Su, won the 2020 Justworks Spring Forward Fund. I worked with Philip and his colleagues, directing them and editing material that they filmed to tell the story of how Audere is using the fund and what it is like working as part of the worldwide effort to combat COVID-19.

Real Support from Real People

Like many video producers, working in 2020-21 has been defined by the challenge of creating videos while constrained by restrictions imposed by COVID-19. This video that I produced and edited was built around a conversation recorded remotely between a Justworks Account Manager and her customer.